Manual Chemische Kampfstoffe: Geschichte, Entwicklung und Einsatz (German Edition)

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This often leads to an evacuation if this is necessary due to damage of the building, personal health or low air supply fails. Locating equipment used is provided. Specify representing location history that user.

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Diese Verbesserung ist auf dramatischere Art und Weise auf der rechten Seite von This improvement is more dramatic way on the right side of 2 2 dargestellt. Skilled in the art interprets the data manually, will realize that a realistic situation offers much more data and that the correlation of the paths and the conclusion obstacles to a high degree in software can be automated.

A further improvement of the present invention is the integration of additional scanning options than the mere location also.

The plurality of devices may be introduced by one of the following methods in the environment: shooting the devices into the environment with a projectile device, spraying of the devices into the environment with a hose, dropping of the devices into the environment when the respective portion crosses is plumping of the devices into the environment from above. In addition to knowledge of the location of these devices are able to describe a propagation environment. Those will realize that this list of application process is not complete ordinary skill in the art.

Although a single device may theoretically describe the local propagation environment by detecting images of its own signal, the preferred embodiment measures propagation characteristics between a transmitting device and a receiving device. While this information for users of devices in those groups may be of some use, the present invention provides a great improvement in their value to other users by allowing that the relative locations of the devices are mapped to a common reference.

Environment shown can be integrated.

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This could be used to prevent a collision with objects nearby. Skilled in the art will recognize that the function of the plurality can be carried out by the above-described propagation detection devices with either a single device detecting the reflected images of its own signal, or by at least two devices that capture the images of their mutual signals, provided that the devices taking a statistically significant number of locations in the target area during an interval during which do not substantially alter the properties of the target area in claim.

Chemische Kampfstoffe: Geschichte, Entwicklung und Einsatz (German Edition)

In In 4 4 , auf die nun Bezug genommen wird, ist eine weitere Erweiterung des Systems dargestellt, in welchem andere Umgebungsparameter in die Systemdatenbank integriert werden. To which reference is now made, another extension of the system is illustrated in which other environmental parameters integrated into the system database.

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For convenience, the temperature is used because of its simplicity and ease of illustration as an example of a relevant environmental parameters. Series are shown marked. The Temperaturauslesun gen be related with the locations of the sensors at the time of readings and can results from different sensors or from the same sensor representing at different times.

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  8. Longer bars represent higher temperatures. Des Weiteren wurden die Temperaturlesungen Furthermore, the temperature readings were ,. Skilled in the art Although this example for clarity describes the present invention, and particularly the interpretation of the results in the form of a heuristic and manual process, will recognize that any number of numeric and algorithmic known in the art can be used to to automate the interpretation partially or completely, without departing from the present invention.

    These functions may be distributed or combined on a single device. Sobald Objekte relativ zur tragbaren Vorrichtung identifiziert sind und die Position der tragbaren Vorrichtung bekannt ist, erzeugt ein zentraler Prozessor eine Abbildung dh, einen Entwurf, einen Plan usw. The representation may be expressed in a variety of forms, as long as it contains information about the environment that is associated with location estimates. Vorzugweise ist jede drahtlosen Kommunikationsvorrichtung mit mindestens einem Sensor ausgestattet.

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    Preferably, each wireless communication device is equipped with at least one sensor. The type of sensor depends on the given application. In der Brandstellenumgebung kann der Sensor beispielsweise Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit, Giftstoffe, Luftfeuchtigkeit, Bewegung oder dergleichen messen. In the burn marks around the sensor can measure, for example, temperature, moisture, toxins, humidity, motion, or the like.

    Eine zentrale Verarbeitungseinheit mit Zugriff auf die zentralisierte Datenbank sammelt die unterschiedlichen Arten von von der Vielzahl von Vorrichtungen A central processing unit with access to the centralized database gathers the various types of the plurality of devices empfangenen Informationen beispielsweise Standorte der Vorrichtungen received information e. Which includes a monitor, a head-up display, a personal digital assistant or the like, shown subscribed information.

    While the invention has been described in conjunction with specific embodiments thereof, those skilled in the art, additional advantages and modifications will be aware. The invention is therefore not limited to the specific details, and the corresponding device illustrated and described examples in its broader aspects. Many changes, modifications and variations will be apparent to those skilled in the art in view of the foregoing description.

    Thus, it should be understood that the invention by the foregoing description should not be limited, but is intended to embrace all such alterations, modifications and variations in accordance with the scope of the appended claims. System zur Ableitung einer elektronischen Wiedergabe einer Umgebung, welches Folgendes aufweist: eine Vielzahl von Vorrichtungen System for deriving an electronic rendering of an environment comprising: a plurality of devices ,.

    Detected information erfassst, said information including the determined location of at least one object in the environment, and derives the electronic reproduction of the environment based on the acquired information. Maps: a head-up display, a monitor, a personal digital assistant and a handset. System nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass der Umgebungsparameter der Umgebung auf mindestens einem des Folgenden basiert: Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit, Gas, Feuer, Kohlenwasserstoff, Luftfeuchtigkeit, Viren und Bewegung. System according to claim 1, characterized in that the environment parameter of the environment is based on at least one of the following: temperature, moisture, gas, fire, hydrocarbon, humidity, viruses, and motion.

    System nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass mindestens zwei aus der Vielzahl von Vorrichtungen System according to claim 1, characterized in that at least two out of the plurality of devices ,. Form at least one network. System nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass mindestens eine Teilmenge aus der Vielzahl von Vorrichtungen System according to claim 1, characterized in that at least a subset of the plurality of devices ,. From above into the environment. New York : McGraw-Hill. Garrett Benjamin C.

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    Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press. Graham Loren. Gorlov Sergey Alexeyvich. Moscow : Olma Press.

    Harris Robert ; Paxman Jeremy. New York : Random House. Johnson Ian. Katys Marina. Radio Liberty 20 December Freedom Archives. Krause Joachim ; Mallory Charles K. Boulder, CO : Westview Press. Kojevnikov Alexei. Levichev V. Moscow : Government Military Publishing House. Leitenberg Milton ; Zilinskas Raymond. Martinetz Dieter. Bonn : Bernard und Graefe Verlag. Martins L. Tekhnicheskaya Ensiklopedia [Technical Encyclopedia] vol.

    Moscow : Joint Society for the Soviet Encyclopedia. Meilinger Phillip S. Schmerling Lewis. Vladimir Nikolaevich Ipatieff — a Biographical Memoir. Sennikov B. Tambovskoe Vosstanie — g. Feringa , and Jean-Pierre Sauvage. Once Steger presented his challenge, we left Sauvage alone with the paper and crayons, listening for several minutes from the hallway to crayons clicking on the desk, a sound similar to that of chalk on a chalkboard. Steger and I whisked Sauvage down the hall to a makeshift photo studio to continue the explanation. Between shutter clicks, Steger asked Sauvage to demonstrate the molecular motion with his hands.

    Credit: Volker Steger. When Anthony J. Leggett wanted to twist his arms to show the atomic arrangement that allows for superfluidity, he asked Steger to tape the sketch to his body. Some laureates prefer words to pictures, diagrams and physical demonstration. Robert F. Curl, Jr. Bernard J. Feringa magically suspends his sketch of the molecular motor recognised by his Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Sir Martin J. Martinus J. They are a very diverse group of personalities.