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And FEMA and the military, they all worked with you. The Coast Guard is incredible, what the Coast Guard has done. I think the Coast Guard has really done a great job. Thanks to our focus on lower drug prices, the FDA approved more low-cost generic drugs in my first two years than ever before in the history of our country. But we brought it way, way down. I guarantee you I can get them to sign a document. Now we got that approved — Right to Try. And, by the way, miracles are happening.

Miracles are happening. Hopefully, it never happens to anybody in this room. You know what the reasons are. And the agreement holds everybody non-liable.

Trump launches 2020 campaign: 'Lot of fake news back there'

And we took a separate list. And I got everybody to sign it and we were done. It was pretty amazing.

And then we got it approved in Congress because of these five great congressmen back there, including Ron, who at the time was in Congress. With Greg and everybody, we got it done and we got the Senate to approve it. And I signed it. And I was really happy. Right to Try. Hopefully you never need it.

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We also ended the terrible gag clauses that prevented pharmacists from telling you about cheaper options at the pharmacy counter. Do you believe it? I thought this was — I thought they were kidding me the first time. So, you know. These guys have been doing it a long time. But I got rid of that. Now they can talk about pricing. You can go out and price. You can go to different places. They have to be open and transparent. That was a big deal. You have very powerful lobbyists. Why would they want that, where you can negotiate price?

Why would they want a thing like that? My administration is also working to require drug companies to disclose prices in their television advertisements.

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Earlier this year, we announced another groundbreaking action seniors have wanted for decades. We will soon allow the safe and legal importation of prescription drugs from other countries, including the country of Canada, where, believe it or not, they pay much less money for the exact same drug.

Stand up, Ron. Boy, he wants this so badly. No, I mean, you go to some countries and the price is like 50, 60 percent lower — even more than that, I guess, Ron, in some cases.

Fake News: President finally goes nuts

We pick up all of the research and development. We pick up everything like a bunch of, excuse me, schmucks. Not anymore, folks, because in a little while — applause — in a little while, your governor is going to be able to go out and negotiate until his heart is content. You feel good about it?

You hear that, Casey? American patients must no longer be forced to subsidize lower drug prices in other countries through higher prices in America. We were paying a much higher price. My administration will never stop fighting for lower costs for American patients and American seniors. The third part of our healthcare vision is to provide the choice and control Americans want. A total disaster. That was a big penalty. That was a big thing. Where you paid a lot of money for the privilege of not having to pay a lot of money for the privilege of having no healthcare.

You paid not to have healthcare. It was a penalty. But we just got rid of it. We just did it the old-fashioned way: We got rid of it. We vastly expanded affordable insurance options, including association health plans, short-term plans, and health reimbursement arrangements — which are incredible. Nobody got that. We almost had it done.

We unfortunately had one vote — middle of the night — just when thumbs down. The premium is way too high and all of the elements of it. And I also signed, just recently, a revolutionary executive order requiring price and quality transparency. You can pick your doctor; you can look at their records; you can see how well they did.

You can go and negotiate. Did we give that? The max plan, right? We gave it to you. And he said something that I loved. And fourth, my administration is fighting to ensure the high-quality care that Americans deserve. Americans have to get the highest quality. So we have the highest quality that Americans deserve. Can you believe that?

The Making of the Fox News White House

Tremendous progress has been made. And we should be essentially AIDS-free. Do you agree with that, Mr. And to bring new hope to the nearly , Americans currently awaiting a kidney operation, I signed an executive order that will significantly increase the supply of kidneys available for transplant.

You have no idea. And we worked hard on that.

Will Donald Trump Destroy the Presidency?

And we funded a lot of money toward it. And we will stop at nothing to deliver better healthcare for you and for your family. I will never let you down. You have been incredible to me and I will never ever forget you.

Donald Trump’s Statements on Putin/Russia/Fake News Media - Lawfare

I promise that. They come at you from all different sides. They spend a lot of money — spend, I think, more money than any other group in the world actually, in terms of lobbying and lobbying abilities. I did great. I want to get drug prices down. I want to continue to give them the incentive to come out with new and better answers, but got to get drug prices down.

Because everything you do, their stock goes up. Their stock just went up. But their stock goes up. And, by the way, you have some incredible companies. The answers that they — we — we want to keep them strong and powerful and wealthy, and we want them to con- — really continue to do that research. But we got to get those prices down.