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I have to write my feelings about this meeting. How deep! I felt happiness and peace with their answers. I am grateful for their words and encouragement , I loved the moment when Elder Bednar said " Perfect :D. This was so amazing!!! I really felt the Spirit and was inspired to act on the many things that Elder Bednar said we can apply to our lives!

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This was a grate experience i watched it from my stake center. Even though my questions were not directly answered I feel that I have had a door opened in my life on how to get the answers I need. Thank you brother and sister Bednar. I hope that they do one of these again. Keep smiling everyone! I was amazed. I tweeted in 4 questions, none of which were answered by Elder and Sister Bednar.

However every single question I had, was answered by the true teacher, the Holy Ghost.

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The Spirit spoke to me very strongly during this broadcast and I am extremely grateful. What was amazing is that my question got answered but it was not under my name I posted the exact same question and it got answered. Thank you Elder and Sister Bednar for taking your time and helping us youth I am grateful for you guys and am keeping you and the prophet in my prarys so thank you.

I was in tears as you answered the question about talking to your parents. That really helped me and I really felt the spirit. I feel in tune with the spirit, and I can't wait to keep serving the Lord and trying to be a beaco More n to other kids at my school. Thank you so much for doing this, it gave me a lot of spiritual strength. This was amazing! Thank you so much Elder and Sister Bednar for taking the time to do this. My friend and I were watching it, but we had to finish it later because of Dance Festival practice.

When I got home, my family had a bit of a falling out.

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As I was doing my homework, I received the impression More to listen to the rest of it. I also felt prompted to write my father an email, telling him how much I love and appreciate him. I found myself bearing my testimony at the end of said email. Listening to this face to face broadcast helped me feel more calm and at peace. It helped me know what to say. I had a really cool experience while watching it. It was an answer to my un answered prayer. I have recently been struggling with finding a solution of which 2 schools I should go to. Thank you so much Elder and Sis.

Bednar for helping me feel the Spirit. I am just a 14 year old boy so yeah I loved the teaching of Elder Bednar of also her Loving Wife. I thank you personally for your teachings with the spirit. It brought hope to my life again. I want to ask a question. My question is: Everyday I walk out of seminary, I have to take the transit bus. While waiting at the bus stop, a girl about 18 year old. SMOKE cigarettes!!!! I hate.

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I try to cover my nose and go as far away as possible. But I still smell it!!!!! I do not More want to take the air inside my body.

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What do you suggest me to do about it? Keep covering my nose or Tell her to stop or What? I enjoyed this broadcast so much!

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I really felt the spirit when I saw it live at my stake center! I am so grateful for Elder Bednar and Sister Bednar!

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Thank you,Brother and Sister Bednar for taking the time to answer my and others questions. It really meant a lot to me and it was a question that I had prayed about. I feel like you answered my question perfectly.

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After the meeting though,I was asked to give my first talk about my experiences about t More his talk. So thanks about giving me an eperience to talk about! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to take questions from the youth and help us better understand the gospel and the roles we play in the plan of salvation and how we can become more like Jesus Christ. I hope to hear more discussions and talks and i appreciate the energy that was More put forth into doing this one. Many of my questions and thoughts were answered tonight and I hope others questions were answered too.

Thanks again. You have helped create a milestone in my testimony. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. So many beautiful words were spoken, and questions that I never would admit I had were answered in beautiful inspiring ways. I am so grateful for your love and admiration towards us. I was hesitant to watch this evening, thinking that I had better thing More s to do. Thank goodness God knows better! I have been so inspired and uplifted, and my testimony has been strengthened tremendously.

I hope that you know how much the youth love you and are grateful for this experience. Thank you so much for your inspiring words! I received answers to questions that I have, even when my specific question wasn't asked.

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I loved the powerful feeling I had the entire time. Thank you for bringing the Holy Gjost through your words so I could feel his guidance and I could feel what I did. Thank you Elder and sister Bednar! Thank you so much for those inspirational words I've received my answers to my questions and I have felt the spirit so much, It was such a wonderful experience, especially with hearing youth around the world!