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And is cell going to absorb anything, it shouldnt count against him if he doesnt absorb an innocent like he agreed. If they don't The absorbing of the evil characters shall give him chaos and crystal powers, maybe even changeling powers.

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Doctor may we take this conversation onto one of our accounts? Of course. Lead the way. Or the conversation about 1st Doctor? If so meet us at his profile. Thanks for the fav, I glad you enjoyed it.

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Incomplete Published: Dec 12th, Download. Save Chapter Order. Comments It is still a bird!!! I have a dog same breed one is shorter than the other. Woop de Doo! All I want to say is way to go Ray Comfort good job as always. Ray Comfort gets the ideas of science all wrong as he always does. Science is not based at all on belief but in challenging beliefs to see what withstands the scrutiny. Anything out of the bible simply does not withstand even the least scrutiny; this is by no means a new development. As people test ideas, many ideas must necessarily be refined.

Even the abstract and highly successful field of mathematics does not contain any magically perfect ideas; if anything Godel had demonstrated that no mathematical system can be complete — there will always be a mathematical question which can be asked which cannot be resolved by any specific mathematical system. What complete and utter nonsense. He participated in an interview, and we are now responding to his answers. Leave it to the deluded to simplify any challenges to their faith. One thing I found interesting is that Ray read Origin of Species and found it boring.

I have no doubt Ray read it as an exercise so he could justify putting an introduction into a book only if he had read it first. I attempted to read the Bible along for a similar strategy, and found it boring no doubt for similar reasons. LMAO, very nice. He came into our community and let fly a pile of BS and we are busily cleaning it up. Every comment is just a repetition of the same thing — no evidence, no facts — just evolution is nonsense and atheists are demons.

You can see in his words just how trapped he is. Darwin was one of the great innovators of the scientific method itself. It must be very, very difficult to be frantically patching a sinking ship with a million holes and new leaks springing every second. Comfort made it very clear to me that there is an ulterior motive in such actions.

Comfort is a con man. A criminal.

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He is scum. I have a question. Comfort has gotten the Theory of Evolution entirely wrong.

Comfort mention about evolution, and its by-products, results, etc. The textbook is pretty recent, as well published somewhere in the s. Now remember Ray has been corrected on this dozens and dozens of times, including quite publically on blogs like Pharyngula which he acknowledged!

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Before repeating it again and again like on that club clip. His intro has pages and pages of flat out lies about evolution and related fields. So Ida, Lucy, Java Man etc, all fake. Can you give evidence that there was not one journal fooled by the Archaeoraptor hoax or is just another one of your opinions? Are you absolutely certain that every journal identified it as a hoax from the very beginning, that no journal reported it as a legitimate find?

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Please cite your sources. So Ray gives this example of the scientific method working as an example of his attempts to disparage science. Ray says Heidelberg Man is a Jawbone. A Jawbone! This kind of ignores that from one pit excavation researchers have discovered the remains of approximately 28 individuals. Danny: In its most simplified from, change in allele frequency between generations of the same population, fueled by random mutation and directed by non-random selection. Various factors like niche-filling and isolation split populations and permit groups to develop differently.

Not in dramatic, abrupt flashes, as Ray often seems to say. I would also like to add that taxology is a human invention. It is the actual differences between the animals we care about. Case closed. He has faith but not a wise mind. On another topic. Deranged or Greedy or misled people killed people. Communism has never been truly implemented. Democracy is not implemented in present times. The closest we have is a quasi-democratically elected Oligarchy. If he can find a group of people that killed, discriminated, persecuted and otherwise made life a living hell for other people that was not only explicitly atheist, but committed their atrocities explicitly in the name of atheism, he might have a point.

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His usual fallback on Mao and Stalin are completely irrelevant because they did what they did in the name of political idealism and in the pursuit of power, not to spread atheism or quash theism. On the other hand, one can name several historical and modern atrocities that WERE committed in the name of one God or another. But nowhere inside a kind shows such a development as the breadth of the jump , as Man must supposedly have made, if he has developed from an ape-like state to what he is today.

I also want to comment on the banana issue. But evolution has never purported that change occurs rapidly and suddenly as is clearly what he believes a la crocoduck , or even occurs constantly overtime. Archaeological evidence suggests that initial wild banana domestication and cultivation occurred in Southeast Asia tens of thousands of years ago, and was later more widely introduced to other regions through the advent of Islam. His career is frequently punctuated by faulty logic and wild, baseless assumptions, and he has made his lack of understanding of the theory of evolution grossly apparent many times.

For me at least, the only question is whether he is willfully ignorant or not. Qingwei I would contend that Hitler should be abandoned by both Christians and atheists as an example of anything.